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Online Billing Software iScripts EasyBiller Review

iScripts EasyBiller is an automated customer billing software for business applications. It is a feature rich client billing and invoicing software. This software is user-friendly and has extreme functionalities, designed specially for the service industries. This software is an open source, so according to the user requirement this software can be modified; hence customization is not a matter of concern. iScripts EasyBiller is easy to install i.e., once the it is downloaded the software will be up running in just few seconds. It has an integrated help desk system that is to provide support to the customers; it can be technical or non-technical support. There are various payment gateways that support this software for online transaction purposes via credit card. It supports several kinds of billing processes like one time billing, recurring billing, customized billing, etc.

The most important features of iScripts EasyBiller are automated invoice generation i.e., users can pay the invoice automatically, reporting, client management, you can choose any type of subscription, unlimited plans/users i.e., it supports multiple plans and any number of users can be added, easy plan management, built in affiliate program, Help files, automated Email invoicing, etc. It is ideal software for website hosting business where it is very necessary to manage online billing. iScripts EasyBiller supports multiple currency types, so the complexity of transaction is reduced. Also the end users have an option to manage their account by themselves. This software also supports various online payment gateways like, Paypal, WorldPay, YourPay, Google Checkout including offline payment systems. This software has a very powerful administration panel i.e., the entire settings can be edited from the admin side. This software is extremely beneficial for any small to big businesses like childcare centers, IT firms, other enterprises, etc.

iScripts EasyBiller makes the structure of your business more efficient and more professional. If there is any issue regarding the billing processes users can directly contact the admin section. This software can build up a healthy relationship between the user and the clients. The records of your client is being automatically saved incase you need to refer it later.

Social Networking Software iScripts Socialware Review

iScripts Socialware is a software for creating your own social networking community in just few seconds. It has an open source script i.e., this script is customizable as per the users requirement. A social community can be added to your existing website or a stand alone application. LikewiseA? Socialware lets you create your own identity, by creating a public or semi-public profile. This software is highly user friendly and comes with a wide range of functionalities. The positive effects of a social networking scripts has very well improvised the Internet businesses for which now most of the online merchants and web owners have started using this software to promote their businesses. Online businessmen have started realizing the unique features of a social community script for which its popularity is increasing day by day. Such a social community can drive traffic to your site as it this is a network where a number of people are linked with one another. Such a portal can generate revenue for your business.

iScripts Socialware makes it too easy to monetize your portal using different advertisements or virtual gift stores. It has in-built themes so as to change the outlook of your website depending on your requirements. It also has a web chat facility where users and clients can communicate with each other and build a healthy relationship for business purposes. Message boards are also available by which you can send personal messages to the opposite person. Photo gallery is another feature you have here to upload pictures and share them with your friends. There are other add-on features like blogging, video sharing, classified advertisements, completely editable profiles for the users, group formation on a particular topic based on their likes and dislikes. Using this script you will be able to create your own community like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. For developing such software you will not have to develop from the scratch. Hence this software saves lot of your time, as soon you purchase it and download the software it will be up and running in just few minutes. iScripts Socialware is definitely worth an investment.