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Free Social Calendar Software iScripts Calgo Review

iScripts Calgo is a complete calendar script which can be used by a community as well as business enterprises. It is very much difficult to create an online calendar of your own as it involves complex programming and lengthy working hours. There are many solutions out there online for creating online calendar system. One of the most popular among these is iScripts Calgo, it is a very powerful web-based calendar system. Calendar is a very important tool for anybody, as we are normal people so we might forget important events. The calendar can be customized as per your event information.

iScripts Calgo makes it easy to create with multiple customization option of a calendar with all event information. It has a stable and feature-rich calendar system for any kind of user. The online calendar created can be shared with all your friends and relatives who are available online so they can keep up with the events in your life. iScripts Calgo is completely a versatile  web calendar software that allows events to repeat, all-day events, import/export support, groups, share calendars, etc. iScripts Calgo supports private, protected and public events. Comments can be shared with users friends and colleagues on your public events. This script supports multiple themes so as to change the outlook of the calendar making it look more professional. Notification of the events can be set either via e-mail or SMS, so that you will not miss out any event. iScripts Calgo has a powerful administration panel for controlling the entire site settings. It has extensive search functionalities for easy navigation facility.

There are many calendar scripts that you will find online, but not necessary that they have to be safe and secure. It is always good to go through the specifications and requirements of such scripts before you purchase, to know if it will suit your application. Anyhow it is safe to use iScripts Calgo and iScripts provides you this script for free of cost. One major benefit of this script is that the HTML code for iScripts Calgo is search engine optimized for obtaining increased traffic. This software is easy to install when installed through a web installation wizard.

Free Website Content Management Software iScripts EasyContents Review

Have you ever thought of managing your business in a feasible manner? Stop thinking and just go for iScripts EasyContents. iScripts EasyContents is a content management software (CMS) that is used to set up and maintain a business website. It is very easy for a web designer to add new themes and their own designs to this content management software. Once this web site is created even a non technical user can handle this web site without any technical know-how. This un-encrypted content management software is perfect for those web designers who create web sites for small to medium organizations. This software comes with many embedded modules for businesses.

For a small and the most demanding business websites this software incorporates a number of built in features. A non technical business user can enable or disable these features depending on their requirements from the administration panel. Features include multiple theme selection to change the layout of the website as you envision it. Most of all, this software is easily installable when installed using a web based installation wizard. There is a particular section for career, where you can post and manage job applications. It has a powerful admin panel so as to control every bit of your web site. The design of this software is SEO friendly and you can manage the Meta tags from the admin section. You also have the provision to add contact forms to the site and manage leads from the website in an effective manner. News management is another feature you have here and the web site administrator can manage this.

iScripts EasyContents is an award winning content management software (CMS) and this software is completely a free application. There are many aspects including extensibility and ease of use which has increased the popularity of iScripts EasyContents. Best of all iScripts EasyContents is an open source i.e., easily customizable as per users specific requirements. This simple open source CMS script is targeted for small businesses to create web sites to enhance their business efficiencies. We at iScripts can do custom modifications in this software for you as well as change the entire look and feel of the entire software.

Free Business Directory Software iScripts EasyIndex Review

iScripts EasyIndex is a script for creating an online Business Directory. It enables you to create a fully fledged online directory website. This self-administered script is a feature rich application, flexible and user friendly, so it is simple and fast to set up a directory web site. iScripts EasyIndex makes this process fast and simple. For creating regional and vertical market business directories this is a perfect app. To provide exposure it is necessary to charge your local businesses.

iScripts EasyIndex supports products, services banners and logos. You have the provision to create a stand alone fully featured Business Directory Portal or you can integrate this Business Directory Script with an existing website you have. This business directory script is the apt choice for those large and completely loaded Business Directories and same time suits small and medium yellow Pages. Also this tool has a very powerful administration panel that will let you maintain all aspects of the directory. iScripts EasyIndex is an open source code (un-encrypted source code) developed using PHP and MySQL i.e., it can be customized as per your requirements. This PHP based script can be used to create a Business to Business portal, as well as yellow pages type site. In your business directory, users can list their business, products, contact, etc. This script supports has completely automated operations, and also supports classifieds. Multiple themes are available so as to change the entire outlook of the application. iScripts EasyIndex can be successfully implemented many business applications, like in regional business portal where you can include list of local businesses, their contact information, classifieds, products, etc. Also in professional yellow pages directory, it can be used either as a stand-alone website or can built within another existing website including company contact information, list of products and services with thumbnails, logo, banner, etc. You have the provision to change the settings from the user or admin interface. It can be used in real estate directories, here they store agents and real time offers with pictures and descriptions in which ever location is specified, here visitors have the option to search for the agents in their particular location. And many more such possibilities are possible with iScripts EasyIndex. We at iScripts provide this multi-purpose, powerful professional tool for FREE of cost.

Free Online Survey Software – iScripts EasyWebSurvey Review

iScripts EasyWebSurvey is an online survey software  with unlimited questionnaire method for collecting data. This is an analytics method for reporting and feedback purposes. These surveys of question and answer form are for your existing and potential customers to know all aspects of your products and services. Any number of surveys can be hosted on your sever using iSctipts EasyWebSurvey software. And same time you can send it out across an unlimited number of respondents. In addition to this you have the provision to create professional, mutli-paged surveys on your website for researching about the market. iScripts EasyWebSurvey supports different types of query i.e., open response, single and multiple response. In this script the entire results will be summarized in a professional and an easy to read format.

iScripts EasyWebSurvey is a feature rich application. This application is very user-friendly i.e., any one can handle it. No technical experts are required as all the functions are inbuilt and all the instructions to use it are provided along with the software. This is an open source script so you can customize it as per your requirements. It is developed using PHP and MySQL. The script supports multiple survey deployment i.e., there are e-mail and web site links available for accessing instantly to these surveys. The reports of surveys are generated automatically in real-time for research purposes and it is a recurring process. To get the most effective results from the survey rich graphic analysis tools like pie and bar charts are used. Since this script can be hosted on your server, it takes complete control of your survey software. It can be simply integrated with your current database for easy organization. Users can directly respond from the e-mails of a client.

This script can be hosted on your own web site; also if you have any existing web site or database, you can integrate it with that. With this software you can host electronic surveys with unlimited questionnaire and have multiple page surveys for researching on market, to obtain feedback from customers. iScripts is offering you this script, iScripts EasyWebSurvey completely free of cost for hosting user surveys.

Free Message Board Software iScripts SonicBB Review

Online forums are one of the best ways to discuss and share information. iScripts SonicBB gives you the privilege to have your own forum. It is the ideal community software for all types of web sites. This script will let you effortlessly create, manage and promote your online community in an effective manner. iScripts SonicBB is specially designed to meet all your community creation requirements.

The script is an open source code i.e., it is a fully customizable forum software. iScripts SonicBB has a compatible script, it is compatible with any server or operating system combo with PHP 4.x or higher installed. You can host it on your own web site and you can integrate it with your existing databases. By means of this application you can create your own electronic surveys with unlimited questionnaire for collecting data. iScripts SonicBB comes with exciting feature rich application. To give maximum exposure for your website, you have unlimited forums and categories in this script. Also it supports unlimited users so as to grow your site to one of the most popular forums online. Registration for this site is made quite simple for attracting more members to your forum. For quick organization facility, iScripts has enabled powerful search feature so as to find posts and threads quickly. There are various themes that this software supports to give a unique outlook for your forum. You have the provision to post unlimited messages in HTML editor format that supports bolding, italics, underlining, smiley manager, etc to interact with each other and make it look the way you want. IP address banning in one interesting feature to keep the spammers completely off from your site. You have the provision to keep an automated record on the user profiles visiting your forum and the total posts you have made to keep an estimate on how popular your forum is. In addition to this you have an option to upload a custom logo for your forum header in order to brand your forum and integrate in onto your web site. With all the above features iScripts SonicBB is available for you at free of cost. This script supports unlimited users with unlimited questions and answering methods for analytics and reporting feedbacks. iScripts SonicBB is quick and easy to install.