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Online Reservation Software iScripts ReserveLogic Review

iScripts ReserveLogic is an innovative software for online reservation and customer management software. There was a time when to book a movie ticket or to reserve rooms in a hotel, etc we had to stand in long endless queues. iScripts ReserveLogic puts an end to this tiring process. This software offers an online web based reservation system for the hospitality industry for service providers. Additionally the application provides the user a unique, intuitive, and an easily accessible interface. Moreover, iScripts ReserveLogic is designed to simplify the online booking system. This is a feature rich application that is personalized for enhancing your web experience.

This application has a number of features and you can enable or disable these modules as per your requirement from the admin panel. iScripts ReserveLogic is designed by an open source script, so customization is not a matter of concern. Several payment gateways are supported by this application like, WorldPay, YourPay, PayPal, Google Checkout, etc as well as offline payments. The entire information regarding the hotel (address, phone number, fax, e-mail, etc), additional services, room price information, comments of previous clients, etc. User can make online reservation of rooms, and before booking you have the option to view the particular room. The hotel management has the provision to set special seasonal offers. In case of a wedding or reception user has an option to book in a bulk. Various themes are available to change the appearance of the site. This script also supports multiple modes i.e., single property, multiple property etc. Reservation can be made with or without advance or by a percent rate of the actual payment and this feature is set by the admin.

Your website viewers are transformed into your customers by the online reservation script. Hence iScripts ReserveLogic is basically for increasing your sales and there by revenue is generated for your business around the clock. We provide you this unique script at a very reasonable price, along with free technical support and updates for one year. iScripts ReserveLogic is extremely reliable and surely worth it, so check out this script and set up your online reservation system in just few minutes.

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Video Hosting Software -iScripts VisualCaster Review

iScripts VisualCaster is an advanced technology, this software provides video hosting service to your customers. It is a video hosting script that will let you launch your own video sharing web site. It is a turnkey solution similar to YouTube, Google Videos, Eyespot, Vimeo, Dailymotion, ClipShack. Etc. YouTube was a big hit in the market which led even Google to launch their video hosting web site. There are millions and millions of people viewing online videos day by day. The growing demand can bring more and more traffic and add revenue to your web site business. Also there are many media companies who use video hosting websites as a medium for marketing to increase their popularity.

iScripts VisualCaster a feature rich video hosting script. The application has an open source code and so it can be modified easily. Powerful admin panel is another attractive feature; hence site management is quiet simple. Not necessary that a programmer or a techie should handle such a site. Using this application it is very easy to upload and share videos. It supports Google AdSense and regular banners, for easily generating revenue for your web site. You can also have multiple video channels. Users in this network can communicate with each other. User can upload any type of image or video, this script supports almost all types. There are a number of themes available for changing the entire outlook of your web site. Users can add, invite or delete friends. iScripts VisualCaster can provide different plans for users to purchase form and this in turn will add constant revenue to the admin.

When you go online you can find a number of such video hosting software but not necessary they are reliable and bug free, where as in the case of iScripts VisualCaster, it is safe and secure. This script is easy to install when done using an installation wizard. So hurry up because this video hosting script is available for you at a very affordable price along with a money back guarantee. In addition to this we offer you technical support and free upgrades for one year.

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Online Help Desk Script iScripts Supportdesk Review

iScripts SupportDesk is a backing resource for the purpose of troubleshooting errors on software tools and provide information on how to rectify it. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of any enterprise; a companys success depends on the same. Hence most of the firms today provide help desk support to their customers. It can be said that today help desk system is a necessity for any business. It is the responsibility of the company to rectify the issues when a customer is stuck with a problem; basically that is what help desk software does. A help desk system is an open source code that is; it is an un-encrypted code so as to meet any users requirement along with an integrated knowledge basis. In addition to this iScripts SupportDesk allows you to manage the sales and customer queries in a very efficient manner.

This software is available for you at a very affordable price. A help desk system consists of expert technicians to clear the customer queries and has a tracking system which holds the history of all the listed queries. To set up an online help desk support system all you need is an Internet browser. To run a firm without a help desk system is a complex situation, not necessary that always it is possible to clear a ticket with manual skills. It is a customers right that he gets the provision to communicate with the necessary authorities when he is stuck with an issue. Meanwhile the same query should not occur more than once, this adversely effects the efficiency of that particular enterprise. iScripts SupportDesk comes along with free technical support for a year.

This application has many more functionalities like chat system; this is to manage all the queries from customer sire, staffs can communicate with the clients as well as to the staffs. Remote desktop sharing is another feature where users desktop is shared with the staff for solving the issues easily. There are many paid help desk softwares available online, but not necessary that they should be bug free. iScripts SupportDesk is a software you can rely on, this application is safe and secure.

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Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Software iScripts MultiCart Review

iScripts MultiCart is a unique software that will let you create an eCommerce marketplace with multiple sellers in the rear end. iScripts MultiCart is a shopping cart software with an extremely rich open source script in which each vendor has a store front to manage their products, orders and to process their real time shipping system. Consumer can purchase goods from either one particular seller or multiple sellers at a go. This is a unique concept and will let you create a shopping cart similar to Amazon or This software supports unlimited categories, products and sellers. A seller can upload bulk products and images at a times which is time saving. According to ones requirements they can add or remove products from the shopping cart. It is integrated with multiple payment processors like Enom, API,, PayPal and Google checkout which itself shows how good the shopping cart is. It has a very powerful administration panel so as to which the entire web site contents like payments, products, sellers, affiliates, buyers, etc can be managed from the administration side. Besides the above features it has multiple themes almost 32, the administrator of the site can change the entire appearance of the web site.

Using iScripts MultiCart you can make money via selling your products online and also you get commission when a sale takes place through your website. This software supports physical as well as digital products like software, games, etc. Those days are gone when one would actually go to a market for shopping; online shopping is the current trend. For any company here today shopping cart software is a requirement and is beneficial for the company and at the same time buyers. iScripts MultiCart gives you the privilege to own your own shopping cart and make easy money. A shopping cart is meant for those who do not have time to go shopping into a market, online shopping saves both your time and money. There are number of shopping cart software available when you go online, but you can rely on iScripts MultiCart as it provides complete security to the clients, data management and provide communication facilities.

Image hosting Software iScripts EasySnaps Review

Have you ever thought of starting your own photo sharing website similar to Flicker, Photobucket, Imageshack, etc? If your answer is yes then iScripts EasySnaps is the right solution for that. iScripts EasySnaps is a unique software for image hosting business. This image hosting script is a feature rich solution.

Once you set up an online image hosting business, you can enable users to share images of their friends and family and share among themselves. You have an option to make it a paid service or a free service, as per your requirement. This software has a very strong administration panel who can handle the entire settings of the website. Administrator is the total controller of such a website. Each user who log-in to this website cannot upload images unless the administrator approves; this is to prevent unwanted pictures getting uploaded. The entire code is search engine optimized; hence the ranking of the website is well maintained. It is an open source code that is it cannot be encrypted. You can use watermarks on your images to advertise your web site.

This image hosting software is easy to install when installed via installation wizard. There are various templates available for making your gallery look perfect. This application supports both paid and free image hosting services. In addition to the above features iScripts EasySnaps support unlimited users and any number of albums. These albums can be given a titles, description, thumbnail and you can set who all can view your particular album or image. To view the images slide show is also enabled so you have better experience in slow connections also. Images can be easily managed that is add, edit, move or delete. This application supports almost all popular browsers and multiple images can be uploaded at the same time. PayPal,, YourPay, 2Checkout, Google CheckOut are the different integrated payment gateways this software supports, which itself shows how flexible this software is.

iScripts EasySnaps is available for you at an affordable rate along with a money back guarantee. This software is completely bug-free and reliable when compared to other paid software that is available online.

Online Design Software iScripts PrintLogic Review

iScripts PrintLogic is basically a design printing software for setting up a website on T-shirt design and printing. We here at iScripts offer you a guarantee for your customers, of an easy technique of printing a T-shirt and other printed products that is completely customized or designed by you.

This software will give you an outlook on how the product will look like before your customer places the order, so as to make changes to it. The design could be any sort of quotes or text or colorful prints, your own pictures, etc. The color and the font of the text can be customized and make it look exactly like how the customer wants it to be.

Some who prefer both design and the print can be manipulated and adjusted depending on the area available to make more flexible designs. Once the design is ready, the next step is to checkout and place the order on the website. There are various payment gateways that this particular software supports, to process your payment quickly.

For any printing company iScripts PrintLogic   is a necessity as it can enhance their business to a very large extent. Any visitor can select a particular product they need and easily print the design onto it in just few minutes. The product could be anything like a mug, T-shirt, mouse pads, caps, bags, and many more products; you can customize and choose the most apt design for your product. Also there is an additional option to place the design back or front or on either side. This online design software has a wide range of templates and has an open script which gives you the privilege to modify the script and make your website look more of your kind. The open source script is the best feature of this software, as this will suit any business type. iScripts PrintLogic is easy to install and so it can be up running in few seconds. Enom, API,, PayPal and Google checkout are the integrated payment methods this software supports. In addition to the above features iScripts PrintLogic has a very powerful administration panel i.e., the entire website can be controlled from the admin side.

Online Store Builder Software iScripts GoStores Review

To create a store of your own is a dream of every online merchant. We here at iScripts GoStores offer you this amazing opportunity to have your own store. Having a market of your own will only improvise your business to a large extent. This will allow you to reach a wide range of audience to market your products and will add revenue to your business. iScripts GoStores is a unique and powerful web-hosting system i.e., it lets you create a hosted shopping cart website. This web-based builder allows your customers to build their own e-Commerce stores within seconds and they host it in your server. iScripts Gostores is an online eCommerce website builder platform that is built on a template system which integrates to your existing website or standalone website. It helps you build a web store similar to, store builder, CoreCommerce, BigCartel or Quickcart. The features of Saas business model is what you get in your store through iScript GoStore. For the end user the store is set up quickly, with main domain or sub domain. This program holds real-time domain registration, account management, store building, recurring billing and hosting management.

There is no programming required for this software, setting you and your clients with a ready to go service. This software supports unlimited number of users and stores. Content management is another feature of this software. Also FTP access is another feature, for quick and easy uploads. They have integrated helpdesk system for providing technical or non-technical support. iScripts GoStores supports multiple payment gateways and shipping techniques like, Paypal, Linkpoint, Google Checkout. This software is PHP source code unencrypted to adapt to any business model. Users are charged based on monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. iScripts GoStores is integrated with Cpanel servers for automated account creation. It has multiple themes and layouts for the main layout of the site. SEO friendly URL re-writes are also supported by this shopping cart, so as to rank your URL top in the search engines. iScripts GoStores allows you to deliver a full-fledged e-Commerce shopping cart to your customer.

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Online Barter Software iScripts eSwap Review

Have you ever thought of an easy tactics to create an online market place? So iScripts eSwap here gives you the best solution for this. iScripts eSwap is an advanced barter software that is programmed to design a swapping network where users can buy exchange or sell goods or services, where money is not an intermediate. Swapping is much similar to the ancient barter system which can be either bilateral or multilateral. It has an open source code so as to customize the website as per user requirement.

iScripts eSwap gives you the option to charge your customers a listing fee, featured listing fee, optional escrow fee or monthly subscription. It has a very powerful administration panel from which you can change the settings of the fee structure or any other website based settings. Also the admin has the privilege to set multiple categories, sub categories, users, products, content management, one click featured products, free/paid registration, themes, and all aspects of the business. iScripts eSwap is very easy to install using an installation wizard, the site will be up and running as soon as the software is downloaded and installed, after the payment process. The transaction takes place virtually that is you are unable to see the actual object or the person whom you are swapping with. This software supports buying and selling at the same time. Furthermore, user has an option to put up a wish list. One can negotiate or bargain through offers and counteroffers. Multiple integrated payment gateways like Enom, API,, PayPal and Google checkout are supported by this software. This feature of direct payment facility via credit card, itself attracts most of our customers.

Swapping is a very useful concept that is spreading over the Internet in a very fast rate as you can exchange a particular product that you never needed and get something worth and useful that you wanted to have for a long time. Swapping benefits both the seller as well as the buyer. For all the goods dumped in your home this is the best solution, rather than just throwing it.

Online Website Builder Script iScripts EasyCreate Review

iScripts EasyCreate is a software tool for building a full-fledged website to be hosted on your server for providing website building services to your costumers. iScripts EasyCreate is completely customizable as it has an open source code. You can brand the entire website by setting up your own logo, brand information, marketing messages, special offers, custom support links, etc. You will have complete control on this application as it is installed on your server. It is an easy to install application if done through installation wizard, so once the payment is made this software can be downloaded and installed, then you will see the site up and running in just few minutes.

iScripts EasyCreate makes it easy to manage a professional website. To build a website via EasyCreate you need not be a technical expert, but the ultimate web site has a quality touch. To make the web pages easily you only need to drag and drop the page contents. A stand alone website is uploaded via FTP or as a zip file as per users choice by this software. The web-pages can be rearranged and modified any time by the user; also the user has the privilege to use various tools including guestbooks and custom forms.

This online website builder application also provides site promotion tools for optimizing your particular website. Likewise a user can create an excellent site for himself following this step-by-step procedure. This application can be customized to any extent giving it the professional look and feel that attracts the viewers. This is a very fast and secure application, so no worries to bother you. You can add, delete and edit users to this system from your program, so as to use it in a live site. There are several payment gateways that this application is integrated with like Paypal, 2Checkout, LinkPoint,, Google Checkout. Also there almost 86 free graphic templates that comes along with this software which can change the complete outlook of your website giving you the ability to satisfy all the customer needs, in addition to this a user can create their own templates.

Web Hosting Management Software iScripts AutoHoster Review

iScripts Autohoster is a web hosting software open source, that will let you enhance your business. It is a computer application that can provide both automated billing system and account management for web hosting businesses and vendors. For any business designing a web hosting software is a crucial task. A website design can leave lasting impressions on the clients. A wide range of functionalities can be added to your web hosting services. Any user can sign up online for this standalone application which can enhance and manage your website. All the user has to do is register their real time domain name and select the corresponding hosting plan he/she requires.

iScripts Autohoster also supports recurring billing and domain for hosting purpose. It has an additional integrated feature that is, online website builder application. This will let you create a good website in few seconds and you can publish it on to your hosting account.

This software also has another feature that is integrated online support software; this is to provide technical and non-technical support to your clients. Ultimately it is customer satisfaction what it matters and bring success to your business/enterprise. Once you have your own web hosting system the next step is you need to market it, so to make marketing simpler for you, we have included an integrated affiliate program into it. Affiliate marketing is an easy marketing technique. The term affiliate is related to eCommerce where other websites or publishers will promote your product. There by if any sale is generated for your business, a certain percent of your profit is added onto the account of that source which generated revenue for your business. There are many more features for iScripts Autohoster like unlimited users/plans where one can add any number of users and the plans can be varying, sell additional services along with this package, multiple themes to change the outlook of the entire website, different categories are available for knowledge base for easy troubleshooting, invoice, automated billing system, etc. In addition to the above features this web hosting management software supports various payment gateways like enom, API,, Paypal and Google checkout.