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Premade PHP Scripts – Smart Way to Build Your Website

PHP (also called Hypertext pre-processor) is an open-source scripting language that is most used for web designing and development. PHP has been widely acknowledged by web developers owing to the several different advantages it possessed. The key features like affordability, security, scalability and interoperability offered by this open-source scripting language, made it outrun its competitor languages within no time since its advent. Acting as a server-side scripting language, PHP played an impeccable role in the LAMP architecture used in web designing and website hosting. With several versions released with optimum updates, open-source PHP scripts are always playing the most advanced web technology ever since its market entry.

PHP is a scripting language created and maintained by a powerful community comprising of expert developers and designers. A feature that you intend to create for the business website might have already been created by the community and hence makes you may get your application code is free. Also, the support offered is very much impressive as the community is always active with the experts updating codes and releasing new patches. So you get a quick answer to your development queries within no time. This anytime accessibility of the source code makes free PHP scripts most acknowledged.

Since source code is not encrypted, these open-source PHP scripts can be tailored to best suit your business requirements. This ability to customize the application makes it a successful e-commerce website building tool. It enables smooth expansion of your business with personalization to the application being used. It is considered as the easiest to learn the scripting language. Even a novice developer can easily learn the codes. It has a good amount of similarity with languages like C and Perl. This further enables easy integration of systems built up in those languages to be recreated or synched using PHP scripts. It is one of those simplest server-side scripting languages that can take input from a text file and give output in a different stream of data.

PHP scripts form the building block of the so-called LAMP architecture used in web development. LAMP representing Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (can also by Python or Perl), is most widely used as website creation and hosting architecture. And PHP forms the P- part of LAMP. PHP interacts with the client and server-side, fetching data from the server-side upon client request. The powerful community support offered by its members in the form of free PHP web scripts, tempts web developers to choose PHP as the scripting language. It possesses the quality of ease of implementation as a result of better understanding.

The security of open source languages has always been questioned. However, being open or unencrypted is the greatest advantage possessed by the open-source languages. The code is being used and reviewed by many users daily. This increases the chances of identifying flaws and bugs associated with code. Apart from this, these open-source PHP scripts can be easily integrated with secure transaction protocols which make them best for building e-commerce websites..

Open source PHP script offers a high degree of interoperability. It can be executed on any platform without having to make any changes to the existing system. No hardware or software upgradation is required to run an open-source PHP script. Looking at all the key features it clear that using open source PHP scripts reduces the cost of development, maintenance and support of websites. Thus affordability is one of those greatest advantages of using open source PHP scripts.

Use Social Networking Scripts and Save Your Valuable Time and Money

Social networking business is one of the trendiest businesses these days. If you have a good product to be marketed, the online social network communities would open up a broad world of opportunities for the product to be successful. The community serves as a stage for sharing thoughts and information online and if marketed properly, its the most pulsed source of income. Social networking helps organizations to make their presence on the web active. In any business, the clients would always love to have an interactive website where the user has options to comment, share thoughts about a product, share info with a fellow user, or interact with the customer support. This will keep the community more active and updated, which a search engine always counts for.

As the importance of social networking sites increased, the organizations which decide to online, want their website to be social so that they can bring together the users, understand the client requirements directly with the shared information and yes, of course, it’s a money-making machine. There are several hundreds of groups that offer social networking solutions via open source social networking scripts. These social networking scripts are a line of codes designed to either integrated into an existing website or can build a fresh website on top of the solution.

The framework of the social networking script includes the essential features for a community network like discussion boards, chats, instant messaging, calls, profile searches, services and payments etc there is n number of features integrated to these solutions. It really saves a lot of time as well as money. If a company has to build a website, they need to start from scratch to make sure the website is a social one. However, by deciding the requirements of the website, there could be numerous solution providers.

Earlier any business required to spend an sample amount of money in market research, marketing the product and advertising. Now highly interactive websites created with the help of the social networking scripts, help the business to understand the user requirement thoroughly, introduce new products to the industry based on that and provide support online. These interactive social networks or communities have taken off the tedious job of running surveys among the clients to understand the satisfaction rate. Any flaw in the product or advantage of the product, which is not even noticed by the producer, would be known by the user. And this will surely come up in the discussion boards of the website, which further increases the satisfaction rate. The Social community scripts help to manage and moderate the users or clients better.The social community scripts are designed to adapt or acquire existing communities like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter etc. Your network will keep branching out and out for more networks, which in turn helps in popularizing the business and yes, of course, more money! Rather than investing too much effort, time and money on building up a website from scratch to include the social network part, it is better to purchase the social network scripts which would save your time and money.

Open Source Software – An Easy Way to Build your Business Site

Web designing and development has proven to be a viable business ever since the advent of internet and web technologies. With the endemic spread of internet and its wide spread usage as a potential business model has brought about increased focus in web development. Websites with the most advanced functionalities and that offer high degree of user experience became a necessity of any online business group. Earlier it required quite a good investment to create such an interactive website with dynamic content. This affordability factor became a concern when mixed with the licensing cost and other associated charges. As the code was encrypted for these high priced development models, it was not offering any degree of scalability unless paid again. Open source software and scripts were a revolutionizing change in the field of web development.

Open source software is considered to be the easiest way of creating a website. Being open source means, the source code is unencrypted which makes the code accessible for anyone. These software usually made in php platform. This effective accessibility of open source web scripts makes it an ideal choice for application development. One can customize the code at any point of time without having to disrupt the existing system. Open source software being unencrypted offered this high degree of scalability, so that you can tailor it to best fit to your business. The audit ability of these software and scripts are very high as it can be drilled down deep to the source code. This helps in maintaining customers trust.

Another key advantage of using open source technology for software development is that you dont have to spend anything in terms of license or other ownership constraints. It is permitted to be modified without having to interfere with the associated license. Even re-distribution of the license can be done without any extra money spent. Securities offered by open source scripts are very high. This is owing to the fact that more number of people has access to the source code. It may sound contrary; however having more people access the code and look into its flaws and errors will further improve the security offered. Thus the technology is found to offer high security to the application being developed which further makes it the best choice for websites development involving monetary transactions or other personal information sharing. Since the code is open source, chances are high that a functional component that you wish to create might have been already created by a different developer. It considerably reduces the time taken when compared to other technologies used for web development.

For any website the most essential component would be an effective content management system which allows them to use contents including videos, files and other documents. Open source scripts offer one among the most effective content management systems and thus creating e-commerce websites with high level of user experience. Affordability is the most important feature of these web scripts which makes it the best acknowledged among small to medium scale business groups. The affordability factor is even more empowered with the high degree of interoperability and scalability offered by the open source software programs. It literally runs on any platform without having to spend on upgradation or license issues.

Manage Multiple Restaurants Online Using Restaurant Ordering Software

These days a directory or listing web page for local businesses is definitely a wise decision to generate some income and you could perhaps gather all information from your vicinity to create a regional web page to help your area’s citizens or visitors find their way through your city. The best example would be a restaurant ordering system with which you could state out the services and promotions from all dining places in your city thereby making it simple especially for guests to get an idea of all the local cuisine in a particular city under the same ceiling.

The idea may sound strange, but you can definitely apply it and see the outcomes for yourself. They can be also used as restaurant delivery software where the requested delicacy could be taken to the doorstep of the client as and when he prefers it to be taken to him. There are several software packages available in the internet that allows you to set up such a web page where individuals can search for dining places in a particular city after you have updated the website with necessary information. Before establishing the web page, there are a couple of things you need to do quickly.

Try to get as much information possible about regional dining places in such as the different types of recipes they create, the type of cuisines they offer, their specialties and ethnic foods, the payment options provided by each one i. e. whether they take credit or a Debit card, etc. Once all these useful information is gathered, then it is simple to integrate it with the web page as many developers provide interfaces for such functionality for their restaurant ordering system software package.

As such clients can create use of  food delivery software to properly identify the actual regional taste they were looking for and get them right at the front of their doorstep or check out the place when they are close by. Most of these programs allow you to create online interfaces for associates to alter their restaurants information on the web page and allow them to provide and market particular content material to be shown for getting more interest.

Besides, this web page could be treated as a way of ranking the quality of meals available in a city. People can use such websites to properly determine what to eat and what not to eat in a particular place. As such the value of a food delivery software cannot be ignored. Though many may have not yet tried it, this idea is sure to bolster up a reasonable business with great earnings generating prospective. And the best part is that there is no need for a big task force to help you with establishing up and operating this company as there are several restaurant ordering software programs available in the internet that does just about everything you want to do.

So if you want to start an impressive business enterprise, a restaurant ordering system would be the ideal choose.

Automate your Customer Billing Process with Online Billing Software

Ever since the advent of e-commerce and its associated transactions, automating the billing system has gained good acknowledgement in the industry. Billing is one of the crucial components of any business that involves trade and exchange. Customer billing software has been developed by many providers, which will help in provisioning paperless billing, accurate record maintenance and quicker transactions. Automating the customer billing procedure by implementing billing software would definitely bring in positive wind towards your business. As internet gained such a wide spread across the globe, the number of products and services delivered via the World Wide Web saw a huge increase. Therefore, online billing software has grown up to be a necessity for any online trade.

iScripts EasyBiller is one such secure open source billing software that offers a vivid array of features. It is a fast, reliable and efficient web based billing solution designed for the service industry. Such software programs fit in as perfect solution for web hosting companies, subscript websites, answering websites, IT firms and other e-commerce business types. Created from open source scripting languages like PHP, the scalability and flexibility offered by the online billing software is immense. Since the source code is not encrypted, the application can be tailored in any manner that best fit in for your business necessities. The script can even be customized to include only certain features required by your business or it can be easily integrated to an existing environment.

The software is designed to support online ordering, customer management, and invoicing and helpdesk management. Aiding as multipurpose software, the feasibility of opting online billing software is very high. For any billing sotware, the most vital feature would be to support multiple billing modes. The customer billing software should be designed in such a way that it can support a recurring billing system, an annual billing or even a onetime invoicing system. This ability to be flexible with any type of billing modes would definitely draw customer acceptance and thereby ensure business expansion.

Security of transactions has always been in question when it comes to e-commerce websites and other online market places. Billing software which is created from open source scripting languages like PHP is integrated with secure protocols that will ensure high security to the transactions involved. Also the software is set to support multiple payment gateways including PayPal, and even process cash on delivery transaction and credit card payment as well. In order to process credit card payments, the host is required to run a secure server. Since the source code is unencrypted, host can always modify the application to best suit their requirements.

The powerful control panel provided by this application lets you have complete control over your website billing details. The application usually runs a centralized administration area which will co-ordinate all actions associated with any fiscal transaction via the website. Some of the open source billing software  like iScripts EasyBiller, comes with an integrated helpdesk system. This helpdesk system helps the host to best answer and handles customer queries. Also the system allows account management by the users themselves, a feature that is well appreciated by the users.

Use Data Backup Software to Safeguard Your Data

Ecommerce has started out up a stunning range of possibilities before anyone who is in look out for an internet job. The options range from internet market places, internet booking systems, online dating assistance, website creating, web hosting company, online backup alternatives and more. The opportunity for these e-commerce company designs was wide enough. Information reliability and security has always been an issue for any company team. Thus providing a service that can backup the associated data has tremendous potential in this growing internet world. Data backup service is provided by several companies. Backup application can help protected your company data from several loss that can happen over its exchange, storage or collection.

There are many data backup software with different stages of complexness available in the marketplace. If you are not technical enough to deal with the reasons of a backup remedy, buying it is not going to help you develop up a business you imagined. You can even end up in making investment money into something which you do not know how to use up to its finish prospective. The backup program can protect your information and data files in the occasion of a hosting server or program failing or any other damage. It is good to have an obvious understanding on how the program performs thereby understanding better how simple it is to use. This can be done by either getting up a test offer or by going through the opinions. Make sure that you go through thorough understanding of the various backup alternatives available in the marketplace, what your need is and how scalable the program is.

There are several advantages of using online backup software. Decrease in company information can result in huge reduction of cash and popularity. Data can be lost due to mishandling, virus attacks, program failure or any other reason. However implementing an effective backup solution will help you preserve quite an excellent sum of cash and keeps your brand popularity high. Safety of the supported up information is assured in using information backup application. The backup application can be incorporated to run scheduled backups which offers entrepreneur a lot of satisfaction. The free solutions can be tailored to best fit in your company and thus can even enhance the program. Planning stored information has always been a concern. Efficient information backup application can well organize your information and recover it as and when required. This will preserve quite a heap of storage space as well.

Running an online information backup service is one potential internet company. Protecting information has always been a concern for customers which range from big company groups to individuals. Therefore offering such a solution, that too an internet based one will definitely gain identity. iScripts Backuper is an on the internet information open-source backup software designed for applying eCommerce solutions for information backup. It comes with two main component segments, one for the hosting server part and the other a client or pc part for the user. The backup is secured to ensure information reliability and the process also uses secure relationships for information collection and collection.

Web Hosting Software – Manage Skillfully Your Hosting Account

Custom applications offering better management of web hosting business has been a part of web-hosting world for quite some time now. Vibrant and dynamic websites forms an integral part of business marketing and even forms a key factor of business success. But owning a web server for running websites is not an effective solution for small to medium scale business groups. Thus lending web server space to those who wish to run a website grew up to web hosting as a new way of e-commerce. As internet extended its spider web to every nook and corner of the planet, the demand for running interactive websites became a necessity and which further increased the business potential of website hosting.

Managing multiple domains from various business groups from across the world was quite tedious enough. There could be numerous user accounts, domains or even servers associated with a web hosting company and managing them all is quite difficult. This need for a centralized control or administration area led to the development of software applications that can better manage web hosting activities. Such web hosting software programs can be used for account management, online billing, domain registration, and sign up. There are certain applications which can be even used in creating websites and as help desk application as well. These multi-purpose web hosting software programs are generally created in open source PHP script.

iScripts Autohoster is one of those web hosting software program offering high degree of user experience with its rich features for efficient management. This hosting software offer a wide range of features which helps you run a well-managed web hosting business or reseller hosting and domain registration. While running a hosting service, you will be dealing with multiple domains, countless user accounts and several servers. The web hosting software has to support this huge numbers for smooth running of the business. Since the source code is unencrypted, the application can be tailored to best suit your business needs. If you are already running an administration system, the new open source hosting script can be either integrated to the existing system or can be used to create an entirely new system in place. For easy integration to the existing system, multiple style sheets are provided.

While running a reseller hosting service or a direct hosting service, it is required to offer multiple payment plans to be in pace with the competitors. There could be plans like monthly, quarterly, annual recurring or a onetime billing option along with features of auto billing and invoicing as well. A well constructed administration panel in hosting billing software can manage these user plans with utmost care. Automated hosting account creation is implemented with the help of C-PANEL and Parallels PLESK will put your business in autopilot. For end users the domain name management panel should be very effective for smooth running of a domain registration business. The web hosting software supports real-time domain registration and transfer. Also manual domain management option is allowed to the site administrator for choosing desired domain registrars.

Another important feature offered by the web hosting software is that it supports almost all important payment gateways including PayPal, and other credit card payments as well. They prevent credit card scams by making use of the online fraud detection service min-fraud. Despite all the vivid features, web hosting software is very much easy to install and set up with the inbuilt installation wizard. The dynamic help module will take care complete care of the help management. Also, certain application has integrated website builder and help desk applications with professional layouts and efficient customer support without having to spend extra money.

Use Ad Management System to Increase Profit from Ads

Exhausted handling the various ads shown on your well-known blog? Discovering it challenging to monitor down position of current ads? Well, we think you need to have an effective ad management program in place to have a management over your web page ads. The value of having an ad management program is very high if you have targeted your web page to coordinate several ads. If not effectively managed, this prospective share of income can go useless. As web page popularity develops, more and more marketers will come to you for placing up their ads and banner ads on your web page. When the figures outrun, you will fight to monitor down the opinions provided, any remaining ad spots and other transaction monitoring techniques as well.
Ad management tools can be customized to a web centered ad management system. They are developed to effectively handle the ads published under your web page and make sure income. It allows you to better monitor down the ads and banner ads published and determine the cash associated. The easy to use interface makes the ad management resources most accepted by internet marketers. The web centered program does not require any extra application programs to be set up into the current program in-order to operate. The web centered ad management system controls ads via their web hosting server which free your program from the associated complications. The program is even developed to run strategies on the web page for any marketing categories.

The more ads moves in your web page, more is the money hurried in. Making use of certain functions incorporated into the ad management system will help you well arrange the ads and obtain highest possible revenue out of it. There could be several ad-spots that you may have on your web page that goes unseen. The ad management tools will help you to recognize such destinations and thus help you implement it for promotion. The program can help you make, handle and move promotion in the web page. There is effective marketing strategy control techniques incorporated to the program which will help to control ad strategies operating on your web page. You can make, modify or remove ad strategies. The visual figure review allows you to have a fast look over the program in place and allows in charging program as well. The program can even be used to make a press sales kit to be provided to prospects. It will emphasize the sites prospective as an outstanding foundation for promoting their products or services.
Ease of use is marked as a key feature of web based ad management systems like This ad management system does not require you to set up any additional software programs nor do any settings update of your current system. The web based program serves every function associated with the program. The ad-sales page is an advantage as you can list all the data related to impressions, mouse clicks done and available ad spots. It produces good interest among the customers in your website.