Free Message Board Software iScripts SonicBB Review

Online forums are one of the best ways to discuss and share information. iScripts SonicBB gives you the privilege to have your own forum. It is the ideal community software for all types of web sites. This script will let you effortlessly create, manage and promote your online community in an effective manner. iScripts SonicBB is specially designed to meet all your community creation requirements.

The script is an open source code i.e., it is a fully customizable forum software. iScripts SonicBB has a compatible script, it is compatible with any server or operating system combo with PHP 4.x or higher installed. You can host it on your own web site and you can integrate it with your existing databases. By means of this application you can create your own electronic surveys with unlimited questionnaire for collecting data. iScripts SonicBB comes with exciting feature rich application. To give maximum exposure for your website, you have unlimited forums and categories in this script. Also it supports unlimited users so as to grow your site to one of the most popular forums online. Registration for this site is made quite simple for attracting more members to your forum. For quick organization facility, iScripts has enabled powerful search feature so as to find posts and threads quickly. There are various themes that this software supports to give a unique outlook for your forum. You have the provision to post unlimited messages in HTML editor format that supports bolding, italics, underlining, smiley manager, etc to interact with each other and make it look the way you want. IP address banning in one interesting feature to keep the spammers completely off from your site. You have the provision to keep an automated record on the user profiles visiting your forum and the total posts you have made to keep an estimate on how popular your forum is. In addition to this you have an option to upload a custom logo for your forum header in order to brand your forum and integrate in onto your web site. With all the above features iScripts SonicBB is available for you at free of cost. This script supports unlimited users with unlimited questions and answering methods for analytics and reporting feedbacks. iScripts SonicBB is quick and easy to install.

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