iScripts Dailydeals Group Buying Software Review

iScripts DailyDeals  allows you to create your own online start-up business, similar to Groupon, Living Social and other successful group buying sites. Even though these big guys seem to dominate the market, there is much room for opportunity. Group buying in local and vertical niches is actually growing. By featuring localized and/or industry-specific deals, you can harness a niche market interested only in the deals you offer versus a site with broader and more generalized deals and content.

How do these sites work? Collective buying sites offer products and services at significantly reduced prices. However, these prices are time-sensitive (requiring urgent action) and do not take effect unless a minimum number of users agree to purchase (high volume). Once the set number is reached, the deal of the day is automatically emailed to the confirmed buyers. The site administrator receives a percentage of each sale for linking businesses and customers together.

Why would businesses willingly agree to provide steep discounts between 50 and 90 percent? Customers appreciate finding deals and feel a sense of accomplishment by saving money. By joining the site and selling products or services at heavily discounted prices, businesses gain more exposure and instant access to open and willing customers. If a customer comes into an establishment or uses a service once, there is an increased chance they will return. It is also a great source of subtle advertising. Even if a user just looks at a deal and does not purchase it, the business has been presented long enough to at least ring a bell if heard again by the user. Users can also pass the deal on to more friends and begin a chain. This is valuable to businesses as a word-of-mouth form of advertising.

Group buying sites are beneficial to all types of businesses  shops, restaurants and online merchants. As the administrator, you may cater your site to specific cities, states, types of merchants or tailor the site to fit the demographic or your desired user. You may negotiate deals with local and/or online merchants outside the site. These discounts are offered by sellers (online and/or local brick and mortar storefronts) that wish to sign up. In return, they increase exposure, have a greater chance of future repeat and loyal customers, free marketing impressions and increased sales by volume required for the deal to go live.

To start your own group buying site, you will need specific features and functions available on your site. The iScripts DailyDeals is the perfect affordable group buying software as it gives you the ability to run an efficient group buying daily deals site on a scalable platform. As it allows you to add your own text, logo, banners and site pages, choose your own payment gateway and set our own payment terms, the software is a great value bundling up key functions necessary for any group buying site to be successful. As the site administrator, you may add, edit or delete countries and cities, companies and deals at your discretion. There are many other impressive and built-in features including Google powered maps, newsletters creation, a testimonials area, affiliate and referral settings, statistics, reports, and a sales graph. If you have a Facebook application, you may integrate it with your daily deals site as well so that users will be able to share deals. The script is completely customizable regardless of geological location or niche market. Once you have iScripts DailyDeals, you will need your own hosting provider and domain name. As soon as these aspects are set up, you are ready create your custom site, advertise online and present your site as a valuable asset to local businesses.

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