iScripts EasyIndex – A Multi-Purpose Directory Script

The business potential of an online business directory cannot be questioned today as people throng to these websites for virtually any kind of services, gigs or opportunities. Considering these, creating your own directory website online is indeed a prospective business option. But if you were to design and develop a business directory website on your own, then it would take ages for you to accomplish the task and still there may be imperfections. So what do you do to set up an online business directory easily? The answer lies in iScripts EasyIndex directory script. It is a powerful business directory software that you can use to create a local business directory or a large scale fully fledged global directory or a classified directory. The software would help you develop some of the most powerful and customized business directory websites available out there with minimal effort and economically. The software has been developed keeping in mind the requirements that may arise while deploying a directory website today and hence it generates a website that fits in with your requirements.

The iScripts EasyIndex is an open source script which means you can simply customize it to incorporate your businesses identity with the help of a technical consultant. The software promises to deliver best in class user interfaces for the generated online business directory that would require minimal effort from the side of users. If you are worried about how to make enough money from just the classifieds option offered by this local business directory script, then you have another reason to rejoice as this directory script has been developed with an extension to include Googles Ad-sense program into its webpage thereby allowing you to benefit greatly from advertisements on your directory website thanks to this feature. The directory website thus generated would be optimized for SEO purposes thereby gaining maximum attention in search engine results.

Besides if you want your directory website to be featured on popular social networking websites as well as micro blogs, then there are optional Facebook and Twitter plug-ins available that allow people to share the feeds from your website onto these popular social streams. If aesthetics and looks are your concern, then the iScripts EasyIndex offers a wide range of templates and layouts to make your website look as attractive as possible. Hence this script handles more than just the operations of a typical online classifieds website. The iScripts EasyIndex is a standalone PHP script that can be utilized by any kind of listing service whether it is large and fully loaded directories or small and medium ones. After the initial purchase of the script, you are in total control of what you make with it. As mentioned before, the open source element behind its design entails it to be modified to integrate more features you want your online business directory to have.

So the EasyIndex from iScripts is indeed a powerful business directory software that allows you to seamlessly create local or international business listing website with minimal effort. Now that you have understood its potential, the next step is trying it out. There is a demo option for you to truly realize its potential before buying the actual software. So what are you waiting for?

Get going!

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