iScripts PrintLogic – Online T-Shirt Design Software Review

There are a number of thriving online printing businesses in the marketplace today.CustomInk, VistaPrint,Spreadshirt and PrintingForLess are all based upon a similar business model which allows users the ability to create designs on physical products of choice. iScripts PrintLogic is a software that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to take design and printing businesses online. The end result is a site based upon the same business model but at an affordable and happy price.

iScripts PrintLogic is equipped with many customizable features making it a unique and breakthrough product. The software works best for sites pertaining to engraving, print shops, woodworking, plaque printing, t-shirt companies, print shops, custom attire, business cards, banner and poster printing or similar services. The simple and pioneering concept is based upon the combination and merging of processes: an online design software paired with ecommerce and online store capabilities, all built into one.

Site administrators taking advantage of iScripts PrintLogic possess the means to have a site with built-in options such as: vendor capabilities, custom or default banners featured on the homepage, completely editable website content in pages, an FAQ section (with convenient preloaded templates), a testimonials area, newsletter capability, sales reports, export to CSV options, tax settings and opportunity for unlimited category and product creation. Site design can be based upon one of the available themes or customized to fit specific business needs.

The design features of iScripts PrintLogic software allows users to easily add and edit text, select clipart pictures, and/or upload custom images and logos. These can all be added within the selected printable area of a desired product; on the front or back. Products can even be swapped mid-design in the event there is a quick change of heart. Users have their own profile to view or edit profiles, the shopping cart, designs, billing and shipping addresses, quotes, orders, invoices and messages. All of these features plus image enlargement and zooming, ensure maximum customization satisfaction and accuracy. If deemed necessary by the site administrator, users can also be charged for adding images and/or text colors.

After product selection and custom design work is complete, the order may be processed using one of many popular payment gateways and shipping methods.These options are set by the site administrator.There is also an option for quote only orders for higher-end products or quote-only based sites.

This online T shirt design software enables owners to conduct online printmaking at its best. Businesses can have the site and features they need to flourish without a hefty price tag. Users will find the site easy to navigate and purchase from. Equipped with multiple options featured on both sides, iScripts PrintLogic defines the smart solution for online printing businesses.

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