Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Software iScripts MultiCart Review

iScripts MultiCart is a unique software that will let you create an eCommerce marketplace with multiple sellers in the rear end. iScripts MultiCart is a shopping cart software with an extremely rich open source script in which each vendor has a store front to manage their products, orders and to process their real time shipping system. Consumer can purchase goods from either one particular seller or multiple sellers at a go. This is a unique concept and will let you create a shopping cart similar to Amazon or This software supports unlimited categories, products and sellers. A seller can upload bulk products and images at a times which is time saving. According to ones requirements they can add or remove products from the shopping cart. It is integrated with multiple payment processors like Enom, API,, PayPal and Google checkout which itself shows how good the shopping cart is. It has a very powerful administration panel so as to which the entire web site contents like payments, products, sellers, affiliates, buyers, etc can be managed from the administration side. Besides the above features it has multiple themes almost 32, the administrator of the site can change the entire appearance of the web site.

Using iScripts MultiCart you can make money via selling your products online and also you get commission when a sale takes place through your website. This software supports physical as well as digital products like software, games, etc. Those days are gone when one would actually go to a market for shopping; online shopping is the current trend. For any company here today shopping cart software is a requirement and is beneficial for the company and at the same time buyers. iScripts MultiCart gives you the privilege to own your own shopping cart and make easy money. A shopping cart is meant for those who do not have time to go shopping into a market, online shopping saves both your time and money. There are number of shopping cart software available when you go online, but you can rely on iScripts MultiCart as it provides complete security to the clients, data management and provide communication facilities.

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