Online Barter Software iScripts eSwap Review

Have you ever thought of an easy tactics to create an online market place? So iScripts eSwap here gives you the best solution for this. iScripts eSwap is an advanced barter software that is programmed to design a swapping network where users can buy exchange or sell goods or services, where money is not an intermediate. Swapping is much similar to the ancient barter system which can be either bilateral or multilateral. It has an open source code so as to customize the website as per user requirement.

iScripts eSwap gives you the option to charge your customers a listing fee, featured listing fee, optional escrow fee or monthly subscription. It has a very powerful administration panel from which you can change the settings of the fee structure or any other website based settings. Also the admin has the privilege to set multiple categories, sub categories, users, products, content management, one click featured products, free/paid registration, themes, and all aspects of the business. iScripts eSwap is very easy to install using an installation wizard, the site will be up and running as soon as the software is downloaded and installed, after the payment process. The transaction takes place virtually that is you are unable to see the actual object or the person whom you are swapping with. This software supports buying and selling at the same time. Furthermore, user has an option to put up a wish list. One can negotiate or bargain through offers and counteroffers. Multiple integrated payment gateways like Enom, API,, PayPal and Google checkout are supported by this software. This feature of direct payment facility via credit card, itself attracts most of our customers.

Swapping is a very useful concept that is spreading over the Internet in a very fast rate as you can exchange a particular product that you never needed and get something worth and useful that you wanted to have for a long time. Swapping benefits both the seller as well as the buyer. For all the goods dumped in your home this is the best solution, rather than just throwing it.

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