Online Design Software iScripts PrintLogic Review

iScripts PrintLogic is basically a design printing software for setting up a website on T-shirt design and printing. We here at iScripts offer you a guarantee for your customers, of an easy technique of printing a T-shirt and other printed products that is completely customized or designed by you.

This software will give you an outlook on how the product will look like before your customer places the order, so as to make changes to it. The design could be any sort of quotes or text or colorful prints, your own pictures, etc. The color and the font of the text can be customized and make it look exactly like how the customer wants it to be.

Some who prefer both design and the print can be manipulated and adjusted depending on the area available to make more flexible designs. Once the design is ready, the next step is to checkout and place the order on the website. There are various payment gateways that this particular software supports, to process your payment quickly.

For any printing company iScripts PrintLogic   is a necessity as it can enhance their business to a very large extent. Any visitor can select a particular product they need and easily print the design onto it in just few minutes. The product could be anything like a mug, T-shirt, mouse pads, caps, bags, and many more products; you can customize and choose the most apt design for your product. Also there is an additional option to place the design back or front or on either side. This online design software has a wide range of templates and has an open script which gives you the privilege to modify the script and make your website look more of your kind. The open source script is the best feature of this software, as this will suit any business type. iScripts PrintLogic is easy to install and so it can be up running in few seconds. Enom, API,, PayPal and Google checkout are the integrated payment methods this software supports. In addition to the above features iScripts PrintLogic has a very powerful administration panel i.e., the entire website can be controlled from the admin side.

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