Open Source Software To Create Your Own Bartering Network

Have you ever wondered how useful a barter software would be to improve upon the rather common shopping cart websites that we see today? With a barter software you could create a barter network website wherein people can not only buy things but also exchange their existing products with new ones or for another used product from another person. Thus it adds more appeal to regular online stores with such a function allowed in it. The idea is pretty much simple and you can accomplish it quite easily as well.

So how exactly does a barter web page create you money? All you need to do is to have a website where individuals can buy or exchange items for another item and you being an intermediate medium can charge a percentage of the deal as commission. Managing such a process does require some effort but there are several open source barter software scripts available that help you to manage all the processes with ease and do not require a lot of human resources to oversee all the details which means you can cut down significantly on taskforce thereby reducing overall costs. Such software has all the necessary functionalities you need, embedded into the package.

Several of these programs are designed in such a way that you can personalize it to consist of the preferred options and functions that are also important for your company to be exclusive from competitors. Moreover these application programs must also allow you to obtain a complete image of what is occurring in your company. They should be able to integrate information from several places to give you valuable insights and ideas about the budget of your company. They need to provide reports such as monthly or yearly sales or sales over a period, stock and inventory maintenance, customer rating, detection of fraudulent customers as well as ensure credible transactions and so on. So many purposes can only be served by an efficient barter software.

With more importance given to exchange of products, the barter software must allow easy virtual swap of products of different category. . The interfaces offered to customers must be simple and easy to use despite the point that the objective they provide is complicated. You could actually make a pretty reasonable commission based income from such a web page. Several of these softwares also provide targeted advertising capabilities which recommend users with products that are best suited for them according o their browsing and shopping preferences. These are in fact great techniques to get more business deals for your website.

In short you should look for the following qualities in a swap software that lets you create an online barter network.

  • Create a powerful yet flexible virtual swap environment for any kind of products
  • Provide features such as classification of products into categories and sub categories
  • Product Rating and Ranking mechanisms
  • Support for Advertisements, logos, banners, etc
  • Powerful administrator dashboard
  • Ease of installation and usage
  • Integrated Payment gateways that are secure

Thus you can easily create a barter website with such softwares and if you can get good promotion strategies to work for your website, then very soon you can start to make a fortune from its sales.

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