Characteristics of a T-Shirt Design and Printing Website

Customized T-shirts had seen an ever increasing demand in the textile industry. The prime reason looked up in this perspective would be the embarrassment caused when you spot someone with the exact same T-shirt as you are wearing, in a shopping mall or at a pub. The advent of T-shirt design and print software has enabled the fashion geeks to personalize their designs with preferred styles by themselves. With the increase in craze towards such customized designs, online stores emerged which helps the customers to design t-shirts by their own and place order, so that the printing company can get it done.

Online t-shirt designing software available now have numerous features adding value to the business intended. Some sites offer any number of products, clip arts or templates or fonts to be incorporated into the system. The diverse features that can be included to the t-shirt include color, type of t-shirt, picture to be printed, template that can be used, quotes to be printed, graphic designs to be done and so forth.

Some print software like iScripts Printlogic also offers outlining property which can be used to add an outlining effect to the product during the design phase. Most of the T-shirt designing companies will have thousands of layouts and design for you to pick from in order to customize your t-shirt. Some design software permits you to scan and upload the required design and styling. Therefore you can draw the required design and provide it to the design software to get it printed on your T-shirt. Customized T-shirts are found to be an effective advertising and promotional means. And most firms offers customized t-shirts presenting designs that describe the product or service offered by the firm.

The site would be hosted on a web server with crucial security measures implemented. This is to ensure safer business transactions through the website. The web server traffic is handled in such a way that the multiple users are permissible to design t-shirts as per their taste and style without any delay in loading the pages.

The website would have e-commerce properties integrated. This will ensure the customer safety in ordering the product online and making monetary transactions via the website. Efficient shipping solution or courier solution has to be implemented in the website to ensure delivery of products ordered in time.

Screen printing is one of the most favored and easiest ways to print on a t-shirt. A screen can be created with the required pictures or any graphic design. Then this design can be transferred onto the T-shirt by printing. Heat press method used to be implemented by using a heat press patch. These days a translucent paper is used to transfer ink to the T-shirt by using heat. It helps in producing more attractive colors and designs for multiple t-shirts. If you require a big number of t-shirts, screen printing methodology can be best followed. And if you need multi color designed T-shirts in smaller numbers, then heat printing is the best choice.

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