Twitter Automated Software TweetScope Review

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites that are being used by a large number of audiences. Twitter is also a micro blogging platform which helps you to send messages and updates not exceeding 140 characters. As with any other social media sites, Twitter also helps you to connect with other members. Those who are in your network would be your major contacts and are known as ‘Followers’ and you can share updates and information with them.

For a corporate Twitter account it is always beneficial to get followers who are more targeted and relevant. This is easily said than done as it requires huge amount of hard work to get a targeted Twitter followers. This is where Tweet Scope comes into action. Tweet Scope is automated to handle the time you spend in hunting targeted followers for your niche and adding them to your Twitter account. It is a very simple process, you just have to select your keywords and watch this software adding potential followers to your Twitter list. For complete control over you Twitter account you can have this software installed in your own server. You also have the provision to send direct messages to the selected user or to your entire friend list with a single click. This script also supports un-following of users who are literally not following you. This is the perfect tool for any online marketer, as it supports multiple Twitter account in a single installation. One another main feature which Twitter lacks is direct messaging i.e., here you can send direct message to their private inbox there by you can generate sales for your business in just few minutes.

Tweet Scope is a feature rich application. This script will let you have multiple Twitter accounts. As the followers you need to add in your particular niche should be targeted audience, you can go for keyword targeting where you can mention the precise keyword. So the followers you generate for you account will be that particular subject oriented. If you are actually serious about this concept, that you need to grow a targeted, profitable Twitter list and influence them to add revenue to your business then you should surely go for Tweet Scope as you will immediately see the results.

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