Web Hosting Management Software iScripts AutoHoster Review

iScripts Autohoster is a web hosting software open source, that will let you enhance your business. It is a computer application that can provide both automated billing system and account management for web hosting businesses and vendors. For any business designing a web hosting software is a crucial task. A website design can leave lasting impressions on the clients. A wide range of functionalities can be added to your web hosting services. Any user can sign up online for this standalone application which can enhance and manage your website. All the user has to do is register their real time domain name and select the corresponding hosting plan he/she requires.

iScripts Autohoster also supports recurring billing and domain for hosting purpose. It has an additional integrated feature that is, online website builder application. This will let you create a good website in few seconds and you can publish it on to your hosting account.

This software also has another feature that is integrated online support software; this is to provide technical and non-technical support to your clients. Ultimately it is customer satisfaction what it matters and bring success to your business/enterprise. Once you have your own web hosting system the next step is you need to market it, so to make marketing simpler for you, we have included an integrated affiliate program into it. Affiliate marketing is an easy marketing technique. The term affiliate is related to eCommerce where other websites or publishers will promote your product. There by if any sale is generated for your business, a certain percent of your profit is added onto the account of that source which generated revenue for your business. There are many more features for iScripts Autohoster like unlimited users/plans where one can add any number of users and the plans can be varying, sell additional services along with this package, multiple themes to change the outlook of the entire website, different categories are available for knowledge base for easy troubleshooting, invoice, automated billing system, etc. In addition to the above features this web hosting management software supports various payment gateways like enom, API, authorize.net, Paypal and Google checkout.

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