Web Hosting Software – Manage Skillfully Your Hosting Account

Custom applications offering better management of web hosting business has been a part of web-hosting world for quite some time now. Vibrant and dynamic websites forms an integral part of business marketing and even forms a key factor of business success. But owning a web server for running websites is not an effective solution for small to medium scale business groups. Thus lending web server space to those who wish to run a website grew up to web hosting as a new way of e-commerce. As internet extended its spider web to every nook and corner of the planet, the demand for running interactive websites became a necessity and which further increased the business potential of website hosting.

Managing multiple domains from various business groups from across the world was quite tedious enough. There could be numerous user accounts, domains or even servers associated with a web hosting company and managing them all is quite difficult. This need for a centralized control or administration area led to the development of software applications that can better manage web hosting activities. Such web hosting software programs can be used for account management, online billing, domain registration, and sign up. There are certain applications which can be even used in creating websites and as help desk application as well. These multi-purpose web hosting software programs are generally created in open source PHP script.

iScripts Autohoster is one of those web hosting software program offering high degree of user experience with its rich features for efficient management. This hosting software offer a wide range of features which helps you run a well-managed web hosting business or reseller hosting and domain registration. While running a hosting service, you will be dealing with multiple domains, countless user accounts and several servers. The web hosting software has to support this huge numbers for smooth running of the business. Since the source code is unencrypted, the application can be tailored to best suit your business needs. If you are already running an administration system, the new open source hosting script can be either integrated to the existing system or can be used to create an entirely new system in place. For easy integration to the existing system, multiple style sheets are provided.

While running a reseller hosting service or a direct hosting service, it is required to offer multiple payment plans to be in pace with the competitors. There could be plans like monthly, quarterly, annual recurring or a onetime billing option along with features of auto billing and invoicing as well. A well constructed administration panel in hosting billing software can manage these user plans with utmost care. Automated hosting account creation is implemented with the help of C-PANEL and Parallels PLESK will put your business in autopilot. For end users the domain name management panel should be very effective for smooth running of a domain registration business. The web hosting software supports real-time domain registration and transfer. Also manual domain management option is allowed to the site administrator for choosing desired domain registrars.

Another important feature offered by the web hosting software is that it supports almost all important payment gateways including PayPal, authorize.net and other credit card payments as well. They prevent credit card scams by making use of the online fraud detection service min-fraud. Despite all the vivid features, web hosting software is very much easy to install and set up with the inbuilt installation wizard. The dynamic help module will take care complete care of the help management. Also, certain application has integrated website builder and help desk applications with professional layouts and efficient customer support without having to spend extra money.

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